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About KM20

KM20 is a concept-store, restaurant and gallery in one opened right which was founded by Olga Karput in the historical part of Moscow in 2009. The store has now unveiled its latest evolution, with a new three story space packed with some of best brands. It is now over 2,500 square meters that high fashion brands and labels from young and promising designers co-exist: from Raf Simons and Helmut Lang, Vetements, Gosha Rubchinskiy, Dries Van Noten, Off-White to Cottweiler and Cav Empt and exclusive sneaker collaborations. There's something for everyone. New KM20 is not just a store. It is a place for a magical experience connected to everything modern that is happening with fashion. Objects, installations, furniture – all created specifically for the space in close collaboration with the best current creatives from all fields – this is what new KM20 is.

The ground floor has the customized spaces selling Heron Preston, 032c merchandise and Comme des Garçons PLAY, the greatest selection of sneakers with the massive sneaker area, beauty corner and latest street brands. While the ground floor is a streetwear emporium, the upper floor houses a mix of established labels and pillars of current fashion, such as Vetements, Raf Simons, Off-White and Gosha Rubchinskiy. There are installations made in tense collaboration with the designers themselves. Vetements chose to create a proper carpet shop with a 150 sq meters carpet sliding from the wall to the ground. Off-White has an ancient temple made of metallic structures and electric blue net. Gosha Rubchinskiy’s space looks like “on-stadium blast” installation featuring actual seats from Lokomotiv stadium. Raf Simons, Ashish, Jacquemus, Y/Project and few others have worked on their customised areas as well. They look like artworks that you can use as wardrobes.

What about other floors? The restaurant has a separate floor with its own rooftop terrace. Forward thinking biodynamic wine list is complemented by amazing fresh food and one of the best city views. The underground parking garage, which is rare for centre located buildings, will host the temporary exhibitions, product launches and parties, as it was with Heron Preston in May, 2017. To celebrate the global launch, Heron Preston travelled across the globe to the capital of Russia to set up a pop-up space in collaboration KM20 concept store. KM20 proudly puts Moscow on the main fashion cities maps now under address – 2 Stoleshnikov lane.

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